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{[ `&.M A Y H E M. *

&when it hurts you, SCREAM it out loud (X/O)

me against the world

i'm the most sweetest person in the entire universe.
no, seriously (:
if you judge me appearance-wise,
you would probably think that i'm anti-social.
i'm that girl in the lunch table all to herself
behind a book with her headphones on ; &drinking her coffee coolata!
my names miliana.
&i like to act random at all times.
i'm all-original.
family means everything to me.
just as my besties.
i'm a real happy person (:
i laugh everyday.
i have a daily routine of listening to music& screaming my heart out.
oh &i wanna be a famous rockstar one day!
i'm very ambitious, can't you tell ?
i like to give, other than receive.
i guess you can call me generous cuz the cards don't lie.
i'm a "jynx" ; everything i say or predict, it usually comes true.
i just call it IRONY ! ;
i make mistakes practically everyday.
everyday there's a lesson to be learned.